60/30/10 Garden Bed Design

26 Aug

If you don’t have very much space or resources to grow a vegetable garden, you can still learn our method on as little as 100 square feet – you can then scale up this learning to as many beds as you wish. Our approach is essentially the same for a hundred beds as for one bed. Check out this method – explained in detail in How to Grow More Vegetables by John Jeavons.

The 60/30/10 concept is a guideline… Start with two 100 sq. ft., double dug bed.

Plant 60%  of the bed in carbon and calorie crops, 30% high-calorie root crops and 10% in vegetable crops during your growing season (if you live in a mild climate you should be able to do this all year).

For more in depth planning tools see http://www.growbiointensive.org/GBDietDesign.html or Booklet 31: Designing a GROW BIOINTENSIVE Sustainable Mini-Farm – A Working Paper Booklet  31.

Take the winter to plan your garden out.  Start by asking local farmers, nurseries or Ag extensions which carbon and calorie, root and vegetable varieties grow best in your area.  Discover your first and last average frost dates.  Monitor the sun’s path in your garden.  Keep composting!

Once you’ve decided what to plant, where and when to plant – draw your beds:


Flour, Corn

Interplanted with Pole Beans 50 sq ft

Sweet Corn

Interplanted with Pole Beans  50 sq ft

VEGETABLE BED (example) #2


25 sq ft

Sweet Corn

20 sq ft


10 sq ft


10 sq ft


10 sq ft


5 sq ft


4 sq ft


2 sq ft


10 sq ft

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