Attracting Native Pollinators

12 Jun


The Xerces Society is a nonprofit organization that has been at the forefront of protection of invertebrates and their habitat worldwide for over forty years. Of the estimated one million species of animals in the world, 94 percent are invertebrates, and they are essential to our planet’s diversity and ecosystem health. This book on Attracting Native Pollinators is like a friendly encyclopedia on pollinating insects: everything known to date is in here, but it’s a good read, balancing information with easy clarity.

Let’s say you want to install some foraging habitat in your garden area for all those insects that are so critical to your garden’s health. You are walked through site selection, habitat design, and plant selection, and each section is very readable in itself. The book has useful chapters on building and maintaining nesting and egg laying sites and over-wintering advice.

There are excellent photos of all the major insects, with a whole section devoted to all types of bees. There is also a whole photo section on recommended pollinator plants and butterfly host plants. The whole book is filled with useful information, sidebars, case studies, charts and guides, and so on. All gardeners should be doing something to conserve these essential insects.