Have You Seen These Bugs?

26 Jun


The Stripped Cucumber Beetle (Acalymma vittata)

The Spotted Cucumber Beetle (Diabrotica undecimpunctata howardi)

These beetles love a variety of vegetables: cucumbers, melon, squash and other cucurbits are preferred.  Adult cucumber beetles chew ragged holes in plant leaves and may consume entire blossoms.  They are transmitters of deadly bacterial wilt and cucumber mosaic virus.

To help control the Stripped Cucumber Beetle try:

Live biological controls: assassin bugs, parasitic wasps, tachinid flies; Interplant suseptible crops with : tansy, marigold, catnip; floating row cover like Harvest Guard or Reemay – remembering to remove the cover when plants flower to allow for pollination; traps – yellow cards; or Neem.

dun, dun, dun… During the summer they are an ever present garden pest.  I haven’t seen many of them this year – YET – but I think that is thanks to the cool weather we are experiencing here in Northern California.  Last year I spent mornings composting the beetles before they began their feast on squash blossoms.

Which bugs have you come into contact with in your garden?

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