Tree Collards

6 May
        Bananas give you an idea of the size of the leaves. – Photos from Laura Bruno’s blog – Tree Collards are much like regular collard greens except that they are 5-6 feet tall with purple-tinted leaves...
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Biodynamic Gardening

17 Apr
  Biodynamic Gardening, Growing healthy plants and amazing produce with the help of the Moon and nature’s cycles Monty Waldin, 2015, 256 pp. Biodynamic gardening has needed a book like this for a long time. It is hard to grasp...
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Vitamin Greens

31 Mar
Vitamin Greens -continued I finally uploaded some pics of my vitamin green experience. It’s original home was in the upper left-hand corner, in the raised bed. The plants on the left grew from fallen seed. Please note the poor condition...
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