Roasted Tomato and Green Chile Salsa

14 Aug

Recipe by Gabriela Quezada
Excerpted from Secrets of Salsa, by the Mexican Women of Anderson Valley, California.

1 lb tomatoes 3-4 serrano chiles
1 clove garlic ½ bunch of cilantro, finely chopped
½ onion, finely chopped ¼ c water
Salt to taste

Grill tomatoes and chiles (see roasting instructions). In a blender, blend the garlic and water. Add portions of tomatoes and chiles until all ingredients are well blended. This recipe can also be make in a molcajete, the traditional Mexican mortar. Put into a serving dish. Just before serving, add chopped cilantro and onion and mix well. Salt to taste.

This salsa is simple and delicious, as well as being typical of family salsa for every day. We love all the salsas in this wonderful book, and were amazed at the range of flavors. There is one made of jicama and strawberries, and one made with potato, as well as special salsas for fish tacos, for pork, and even one especially for salmon.