Stephen Harrod Buhner on Herbal Antibiotics

7 Aug


Stephen Harrod Buhner is certainly one of the top herbalists in the world when it comes to medicinal herbs. He has written and taught extensively on treating such conditions as lyme disease and AIDS with medicinal herbs.

Buhner’s book Herbal Antibiotics  was the most terrifying book I had read in years. He presents a very clear blueprint for all pharmecutical antibiotics to be useless in 5-10 years.  The reason (as I understand it) is that pharmecutical  antibiotics depend on one compound to do the job, and bacteria can figure out one compound quite quickly. It is a matter of record that within a year or two of the introduction of penecillan, the original antibtiotic, resistant bacteria had appreared, but has been little covered in the press. Every new antibiotic produced since has quickly started to develop resistance. Buhner points out several other reasons why resistance is accelerating.

So far we have been keeping at least one antibiotic ahead of resistant bacteria, but our known resources are running out. There are not many new antibiotics on the horizon right now, and drug money today seems to be investing in treating conditions rather than curing them.

What are we going to do if antibiotics truly are useless in  10 years?

Bacteria have not been able to overcome herbal antibiotics because they are a blend of perhaps hundreds of compounds, creating a complexity that bacteria cannot break. And the plant formula probably changes slightly year to year. Plants developed these defenses because they themselves have had to survive the attack of bacteria for millions of years.

Buhner has done an excellent survey of known herbal antibiotics to date. Many, of not most, are commonly available. Buhner lists everything credibly known about the medicinal properties of each plant, describes its range and cultivation, and adds additional information about how useful this  plant is (is it also antiviral, is it a synergist, does it help prevent cancer or other disease).

It seems prudent to grow one or several of these plants in your garden, providing a ready supply of natural effective antibiotics any time you, or your loved ones, need them.

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