20 May

EA 2 week farmers course

Last year Ecoology Action brought sustainable farming experts together to teach a special 2-week Farmers Course at our research gardens. Passion for homesteading and years of farming experience merged into a video course essential for anyone planning on sustainable farming. All of this was captured on video and is now available to all farmers and aspiring farmers.

Now these videos are available online for those who wish to learn how to get back to the land as a sustainalbe farmer. Ecology Action shares this knowledge in order to empower people worldwide to better feed themselves while conserving the soil that sustains us all.

There is a nice description of this video course on our sister blog at our Common Ground Demonstration Garden in Palo Alto: (http://commongroundgarden.org) (Ever wanted a sneak peek into an organic, sustainable farmer’s mind?)

Click the image below to watch the trailer for the 2-week Farmer’s Course.

Ecology Action: 2 Week Farmers Course

Introduction to the 2 Week Farmers Course with John Jeavons

Benefit from “The World of the Future: Now” — a very practical perspective shared by the farmer/gardener who has spent over 40 years developing and teaching the biologically-intensive food (and soil) growing system GROW BIOINTENSIVE. Based on key millennia-old practices from around the world, this approach is now being used successfully in 151 countries in virtually all climates and soils where food is grown.

Diet Design from the Heart with John Jeavons

Utilizing your heart and feelings, choose one of the most effective cropping designs for growing all your calories. After all, your heart is wiser than your mind.

Farm Layout and Agroecology with Steve Moore

Learn how to plan the many dimensions of your crop-growing area from a farmer with 45 years of experience in all types of farming.

Compost with John Jeavons

The soil is the foundation of life on the Earth. Compost is the basis of a dynamic, living, healthy soil. Learn how to obtain the most effective results from composting.

Results of Grow Biointensive in Kenya with Samuel Nderitu and Peris Wanjiru

The average age of Kenyans used to be 70 years. Now it is 40. Learn how GROW BIOINTENSIVE is enabling people to regrow their health in a smaller area with fewer resources.

Women Empowerment Programmes with Peris Nderitu

Women actually grow, preserve and prepare a majority of the food in the world. Peris, Co-Founder/Director of Kenya’s award-winning Community-Based Organization G-BIACK, shares her years of experience enabling women and children to be even more empowered, productive and effective members of their community.

Operational Seed Security Systems with Samuel Nderitu

Learn about a key initiative being taken to preserve seeds. Seeds contain the wisdom of time—the ones that have come down to us have passed the “test of time” and deserve to be kept well.


To learn more, visit Ecology Action’s website. www.growbiointensive.org